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Gare de Nice-Ville is the main train station of Nice. Originally completed in 1867, the station itself has been modernized over the years, in particular to support French high speed trains (TGV - Train à Grande Vitesse), but has retained the original architectural style.

The station was originally built away from the city center, but the city has since expanded and wrapped around the train station. Today the station serves high speed rail services to Paris, Brussels, Metz and Lyon, a EuroCity service from Marseille to Milan, a night service to Moscow, as well as several local and regional services.

Vieux Nice is the city's "Old Town". Buildings here date back to the 16th and 17th centuries, and the overall layout of the narrow streets and alleyways has hardly changed since the 1700s. The Old Town is full of shops, restaurants, bars and market stalls, as well as key buildings such as the Opéra de Nice (Nice Opera House), the local town hall, and the courthouse. Older buildings, such as the one pictured above (dated 1649), are often marked with a cross and the letters "CHS", the Christogram intended to protect those within the house from evil spirits, the Plague, and Cholera.

A stark contrast to Old Town is the vibrant and modern streets of the surrounding areas. Walking north from Place Masséna along Avenue Jean Médecin toward the train station, you'll find the modern tram line, and the lights and bustle of shops and restaurants with a more commercial feel.

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